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Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?

( 谁是这个世界上最漂亮的女人? )
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Who is the most beautiful woman in the world?


If only we could answer that question as quickly as the magic mirror in Snow White, since there is never a fixed definition of beauty.


But People, a US weekly magazine, has been trying to answer that tough question since 1990 with its annual Most Beautiful Woman list. And this year’s top choice was 49-year-old US actress Julia Roberts. This was her fifth time to win the title.


While Roberts is perhaps not the perfect choice in everyone’s mind, People has its own reasons, and it’s not just about her looks. The beauty of Roberts “also lies in her self-assurance and smarts and good humor”, says Jess Cagle, People’s editorial director, according to The Huffington Post.


Going over the magazine’s top choices of the past 27 years, you’ll see that it was usually qualities other than their appearances that got them the position.


The choice for 2014, for example, was Mexican-Kenyan actress LupitaNyong’o. In a world where a beautiful woman is often portrayed with pale skin, Nyong’o used to feel very “unbeautiful”. She even prayed to God that she could wake up one day with lighter skin - something that, as an African girl, she would never have. But that was until 2014 when Nyong’o impressed the world with her Oscar-winning performance in the movie 12 Years a Slave.

比如说,2014年的榜首人物是拥有墨西哥、肯尼亚双重国籍的女演员露皮塔·尼永奥。在以白为美的世界,尼永奥过去认为自己“并不美”。她甚至向上帝祈祷,有一天醒来时自己的皮肤能变白点 —— 这是作为一个非洲女孩,她永远无法拥有的一点。但到了2014年,尼永奥凭借在电影《为奴十二年》中的表现获得了奥斯卡奖,惊艳了整个世界。

“The way she carries herself with such grace put her over the top,” Cagle told The Washington Post in 2014. “There was really no contest this year. She seemed like the only choice.”


And according to 2007’s choice, pale-skinned US actress Drew Barrymore, your appearance isn’t what makes you beautiful.


“I think happiness is what makes you pretty.” Barrymore told People. “If somebody walks into the room and they’re gorgeous and sexy, it’s really fun to look at. But if someone makes you laugh and feel good, that’s a whole other level of beauty.”


Perhaps this is what Australian writer Markus Zusak meant when he wrote in one of his books: “Sometimes people are beautiful. Not in looks. Not in what they say. Just in what they are.”